About Our Truck

The Krazy Monkey Truck is Ohio's 1st and ONLY mobile juicebar!  In addition to our smoothies, fresh pressed juices and vegan milkshakes, we also serve a healthy spin on pizzas.  Earth's Crust Pizzas are made from organic, locally grown whole wheat and spelt, ground fresh every time.  We source many of our gourmet toppings locally, hitting up Columbus's best Farmers Markets every week.

We're the only truck in Ohio that is solar powered!  We use biodegradable, compostable plates, cups, napkins, and straws to reduce our impact on the environment.  
Check out this link to view our truck featured on Ohio News Network's "green Ohio"
Unlike some of the fancier, custom built trucks out there, we decided to build our truck from scratch, using recycled building materials, and some blood, sweat and tears.  Below are some previous posts documenting our building process.

Updated Post: 7/29/2011:
Until this past month, I was really unaware of what I'd gotten myself into when I decided to "build" a food truck with my beloved partner.  It was one of the hottest weeks of the year, but we went full force into action on putting together all of the pieces we had collected: 
Everyday the truck is becoming less of an empty metal box and more of a kitchen on wheels.  In the picture above are the two windows that have been cut and open, with the serving window frame designed and made by John Lotus, with the help of Dreddie Page (ok, I did some of the varnish and sanding).  On the right is the pizza prep countertop, made of solid oak, the last remaining piece from the remodeling of our house.  It was a piece John had decided not to use many years ago because of its size and beauty, knowing that someday it would serve a great purpose.  And now it sits on a lovely stainless steel throne, which I decided to paint neon pink (hey, everyone needs a little pink in their lives, right?)
  It was a really smart idea to partner with one of the best electricians in town.  He installed all of the conduit & electrical boxes in a matter of hours.  This picture above shows only about half of his work, I couldn't fit it all in one shot.  The electrical system includes solar panels, inverters, shore power, backup batteries & generators.  John's expertise has designed it to be concise & simple.  Once the system is finished, we can start putting the finishing touches on the rest of the truck!  
This truck, like our food, is certainly being built with lots of love and care.  It's being made from scratch, by hand, and like our pizza dough, it will take just a little more time to "rise."   ]They say good things are always worth waiting for.  When our truck comes out, it will be delicious! 

You may have noticed that the truck parked on High St in front of Global Gallery has disappeared...
On March 2, we secured our loan funds through the ECDI, and have immediately begun the buildout of the truck.  While we love the traffic & attention the truck brings us, we're also really excited to get the project started.  In an effort to keep our business "green," we've decided to use as much recycled materials and gently  used equipment for our truck.  Even our serving window will be made from salvaged parts!  As we make progress I will continue to post pics and updates on this site.  We hope to be ready by early Summer this year.  In the meantime, we're planning to hit the streets again with our pizza cart in April.  Look for the rainbow colored umbrella outside Global Gallery very soon!!

Feb 1,2011
Well, we bought a truck....

I am REALLY excited about this.  Thank goodness I have this guy around to custom build the kitchen for me!!! 
It's a good thing he runs on carrot juice.