How it All Began

I firmly believe in eating for your health.  What you put in your body is what gives you the fuel to live your life.  I spent plenty of time working in cafes and restaurants to see all the junky fast food chains out there and the gigantic portions people were being served, and I knew there was a need for something better.

I started my own business in 2009, making just a few baked goods and treats for the coffeeshop where I was working. I wanted to make more than just some sweet stuff people eat in the morning with their coffee.  So I started using only organic whole grain flour and fair trade sugars and chocolates.  I buy grains straight from the Amish farms and grind them into fresh flour before every batch.  No white refined flour, no refined sugars, just whole ingredients made with love from the Earth (get it: "Earth's Crust"?)  I created these perfectly delicious scones that were good for you and good for the planet in so many ways.

What started as a home bakery has evolved into a well-rounded food adventure.  We started making pizzas on our little food cart in 2010. All kinds of pizzas, with a crust made from scratch using 100% whole organic grains.  Vegan pizzas, German rye pizzas with sauerkraut, pizza with apples, breakfast pizza with eggs, ......  The pizza cart has made regular appearances around campus, at the Clintonville Co-Op, and on occasion at a couple of farmers markets.

In 2011, we sold the pizza cart and built our food truck.  In addition to our pizzas, the food truck features our Krazy Monkey Juicebar, which offers a selection of organic, fresh pressed fruit & vegetable juices, shots of wheatgrass, and some awesome vegan smoothies & milkshakes.

Our truck hops around town from Spring through Fall, serving up healthy goodness.  What sets us apart from all of the other food trucks on the scene in Columbus??  We're the only food truck in Ohio with a health conscious menu!  We care about the planet... our truck has two giant solar panels on the roof, powering our truck without the need for one of those noisy generators.

Want to know more about us?  You can find us around town, at most Summer festivals, farmers markets, events, etc.  Check out our calendar page, or follow us on facebook/twitter for our weekly schedule.