Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green on the Green & Green Business Practices

This Saturday, the pizza cart will be parked just up the road in Worthington for what is possibly Ohio's greenest festival of the year- Green on the Green.
Featuring more than 75 eco-friendly local vendors, Green on the Green has something for everyone: from rain barrels and compost worms to wine and beer making, you're bound to learn something if you come on Saturday.
The event takes place on the Village Green in Worthington, right in the center of town.  It runs from 9am until 2pm, and we'll be there with the pizza cart, as well as fair trade, organic coffee & lemonade.
I'm super excited to be a part of this festival!  For more details, check out the link:
Big Green Head: Green on the Green
In the process of building our food truck, we are continuing our efforts to be a green business:  The entire truck will be solar powered.  We've incorporated a lot of scrap metal & recycled materials into the building process. We've purchased almost all used equipment to keep from mining for raw materials.  Even on the outside, the truck design will be hand painted, using environmentally friendly paints.
Being green is not always easy: it's taken us a a little more time & hard work to finish the truck.  But good things are worth waiting for, and we're aiming for a Grand Opening in late June/ Early July. In the meantime, stop by our cart this weekend and enjoy some grilled pizza!
See you Saturday!

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