Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our first week... trial by fire

Our official first day of operations in the truck was incredible.  It's one thing to open a business on an ordinary day with a usual amount of traffic, it's a totally different experience to open at a huge festival with tens of thousands of people coming for one thing- to eat food from trucks and carts of all kinds.
We did a test run earlier in the week to make sure everything was working and running properly.  Good thing we, because the oven wasn't working! Fortunately it was just a safety valve that had to be reaplced.  Below are a few pics from our test run and our first day at the Columbus Food Truck & Cart Festival:
 A few little monkeys hanging out in the monkey truck:
We finally managed to get the oven going and made a few pizzas:

A Huge turnout to this event!  We sold out and had to close temporarily to restock.  
We had soo much fun.  And we learned a LOT from this experience.  We still have a few more tweaks and a new paint job before she is totally complete. 
Our September Calendar:
Weds, 8/31: Columbus Commons Lunch on the Lawn
Saturday, 9/3: We'll be parked at Brothers Drake Meadery for Bike the Cbus during the day and later for Gallery Hop
Fri Sept 9 thru Sun Sept 11: Hot Times Festival 
Saturday, Sept 17th: Independents' Day Festival
Thurs, Sept 29th: Cask Tapping at St. James Tavern
Food Truck Sundays Sept & Oct at Franklin Park Conservatory

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