Friday, August 19, 2011

The Monkey Truck makes it debut 8/24 & 8/26/2011

It's been several months of hard work and dedication, including a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and...a broken foot. We are excited to announce that the truck has passed its health inspection and we're ready to start bringing healthy local goodness to the streets of Columbus!
Our Big Debut comes next week Friday at Columbus Commons for the Food Truck & Cart Festival 2011.  Prior to that, we will need to do a few test runs in the truck to make sure we're ready for this big event.  That means we will be GIVING AWAY FREE FOOD & DRINKS!!!!!  Yes, giving away.  Why?  Because it takes several days for our official license paperwork to go through, we cannot actually sell food until that happens.  But we can certainly give it away!
Wednesday afternoons at Global Gallery are "Fresh Wednesdays."  In addition to live music and local food carts, there's a couple of farmers market vendors, as well as a CSA pick up at the parking lot.  We've decided that this upcoming Fresh Wednesday will be our Giveaway Day!  We've got some awesome new smoothie and juice recipes to try, and we'll also be serving up some new pizzas, fresh from our pizza oven in the truck!  The fun begins this Wednesday, August 24th, from 4pm until we run out.  We'll be giving out coupons throughout the day along with FREE PIZZAS, JUICES, & SMOOTHIES!
**Special Note: You will likely see me hobbling around on my awesome new crutches on Wednesday.  In the process of building, I fell from the roof of the truck and broke my foot.  The good news is I survived and I was lucky to have only broken my foot!  (it's pretty high up there, in case you didn't know.)  The bad news is that the broken foot has set us back a bit financially, and while the truck may be done on the inside, we are not yet done on the outside.   So, please don't judge a book by its cover!  It may be a bit ugly outside until we can get the funds to finish the paint job, but rest assured the food that comes from the inside is totally made with  tons of love and goodness.    We hope that in a few weeks the truck will be completed from head to toe.  When it is, it will look like this:

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