Monday, June 13, 2011

Nacho Pizza, it's MY Pizza! (And it's vegan)

In honor of Columbus's best festivals at Goodale park this year, I have decided to come up with this very special pizza: NACHO PIZZAA!!!!
It all came to mind after trying out a different kind of vegan cheese, called Teese.  Teese is made by the fabulous Chicago Soy Dairy Co.  I was at the Clintonville Co-Op one day and I spotted a package of the Spicy Nacho teese marked down, so I picked it up on a whim and made nachos with it later that night.  It was soo good I had to find a way to incorporate it into my pizzas.  Thus, nacho pizza was born.

We started with our whole grain pizza crust, and topped it with some Yves soy crumbles.  While I'm not a huge of fan of fake meat products, this one does a pretty good job of looking and tasting like real ground beef:
On top of the "beef" goes some nice grilled veggies- bell peppers, onion, and sweet corn straight off the cob.
Then comes the nacho "teese", followed by some lovely diced tomatoes and jalapenos.  And then, finally,
A little local crunch on top: CaJohn's stone ground tortilla strips!
The finished product.  Yum!  We'll be serving these up all weekend long at Pride Fest and Comfest, so bring your appetites with you down to Goodale Park this weekend and next!  


  1. Michelle, I Can't wait to try one of these!

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